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Making Goals and Sticking to Them: 5 Tips for 2017

It’s the same story every year. NYE approaches and you’re full of hope for what’s to come, full of goals and ambitions and resolutions. And somehow by the end of January, most of those goals are out the window.

Not sure about you, but if I’m not accomplishing something I set out to do, I start getting pretty frustrated and irritated with myself. You know those sappy sayings that always talk about how you’re in control of your life? That if you want a certain thing, you have to go after it and work towards it? Well, I’ve come to realize that all of that is actually totally true. Each of us are in control of the direction our lives take, what we do with our time, and who we become.

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A New Little Space Called Squares

It’s a sad but harsh truth: most nightclubs in New York do not stand the test of time when it comes to fickle NYC personalities and patrons. The corner hotspot that was trendy and super exclusive last year suddenly loses its sex appeal, dies a slow and painful death hosting corporate holiday parties, and by next year will be replaced by another club under a new name. C’est la vie.

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A Boujie LDW Playlist to Celebrate Summer

Anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with music and making mixes. Whether it’s a new playlist to reflect a mood or certain era in music, or a CD-mix for a friend to pop into their car stereo before a night out (who doesn’t miss those pre-Bluetooth days?), nothing brings me more joy than sorting, organizing, and putting together a music list for a certain occasion or moment of life.