Hi guys!

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my world.

I’m a 20-something Armenian American girl living in New York City, trying to figure it all out and make my daydreams a reality.

Almost two years ago on my mundane commute home from work, I started a blog that featured all the things I loved in one place – travel, pop culture, luxury, decor, beauty – a.k.a. all things “boujie” or glamorous. I felt so inspired by the world around me, and wanted to share the beautiful side of life with my followers.

Today, I feel more inspired than ever to explore, learn, and share with others, and my blog has taken a more personal turn. Whether I’m traveling to a new destination, trying out a new type of makeup, or just giving my two cents about every day real life, I want to share my voice with you, and hopefully inspire you along the way .

I’ve always believed that there’s something more to life than going to a 9-5 job and sitting behind a desk all day for the sake of paying bills, and I’m sure there’s a part of  you that feels the same way. So let’s enjoy this crazy beautiful world around us and make the most of our time here. Enjoy, loves!

xx – Raele