Hiii guys, thanks for stopping by!

If you don’t already know by now, my name is Raele Sabounjian, and I’m an Armenian-American girl living in the amazing madness that is New York City. I originally came up with the moniker “touch of boujie” back in 2015 as a sassy tagline for an Insta account that represented my love for the finer things, and also as a play off of my last name.

Since then, both the name and I have evolved tremendously. Of course, I still love all the fun and fine things life has to offer, but TouchofBoujie.com has become an outlet for me to share my life and the world around me – both the “boujie” aspects and the everyday, ordinary moments.

I’ve always loved giving tips and advice to those who are close to me, and want to continue to do so with my readers at TouchofBoujie.com, whether it’s about a new travel destination, a great happy hour spot, or coping with real life issues.

There’s thousands of fabulous, fun, and smart girls with blogs out there today, so thank you for taking the time to check out mine!

Xx Raele