Why I Still Bother Blogging With a Full-Time Job

At the beginning of December 2017, I got laid off from a job I was beyond ready to quit (more on this in a few weeks), and for the first time in a while, I suddenly had some free time to just chill and really focus on what I wanted out of Touch of Boujie. I had a chance to re-asses my Insta & website, actually think about my posts, color scheme, and topics I wanted to talk about. I came up with a blogging schedule, really thought about the content I wanted to feature, got committed to writing and establishing my voice, and all was great with the world. “I never want to work full-time for someone else again and lose this streak,” I thought to myself.

And then, by the end of January 2018, I was employed again. Not only because I was getting kind of antsy for a steady stream of income, but because a genuinely great opportunity came my way, for a job I could see myself enjoying, in an industry that I could actually see myself growing in. I thought to myself that I have nothing to lose if I at least try it out, and who are we kidding, I wanted to be earning that cash asap…New York ain’t cheap.

So with that, I was super busy again, and have been for the last month and a half. It’s really damn hard to manage a full-time job, where your time isn’t really yours for 8-9 hours a day, along with a social schedule, boyfriend time, family time, and normal adult errands like laundry, gym, cooking, blah blah fucking blah. Try maintaining a side hustle that earns no money next to that? Good luck.Β 

But, here I am, writing away – sticking to the schedule I created for myself, blogging about topics I think my readers will find interesting, and continuing to shove the message down people’s throats that I still have this blog thing going on. It’s incredibly hard to find the time, and to be honest, a year ago I would make excuses and just wouldn’t do it. I would complain about not having the time, say there’s only so many hours in the day, and a bunch of other groupings of words otherwise known as bullshit.

But I’ve come to realize that as great as it is to have a full-time job, and as thankful as I am for this new experience, I will always need to have my own thing going on, something to call my very own, and something to build for Future Me. No, Touch of Boujie doesn’t generate any income right now, and some of my closest friends don’t even bother reading my articles, but I continue because it’s something I’ve created for myself, and no one is going to maintain that or grow that except for me.

I’ve always loved sharing things with people – whether it is advice, a recommendation, suggestions, or even a funny story, and TOB has become my outlet to do that. How ridiculous would it be to quit now, just b/c I’m busy with my main job!?

I can’t help but think that there are so many others out there with the same issue – who let their passions and dreams fall by the wayside because everyday life, such as work or motherhood, sets in. It’s so normal, and I agree that sometimes you just need to take a step back and CHILL.

But I hope that this little anecdote is a dose of encouragement for anyone who feels like they can’t do both – have a full-time job and pursue a passion. Yes, you can. Make the time. Create a calendar/schedule for yourself in writing and put it somewhere you can see it, so you hold yourself accountable to it. When you think about your plans for the week, literally schedule when you will create whatever it is that you’re passionate about, like you’d schedule brunch with friends.

You don’t need to be a starving artist, and you don’t need to be someone else’s employee for the rest of your life. Work hard in your career, and build your passion too. And hopefully, the two will meet somewhere in the middle in a few years from now. And if they don’t? At least you can say you tried, you built something that was yours, and didn’t let the ease of quitting dictate your direction. Who’s going to take that away from you? No one.

Happy Tuesday, boujies!

Xx -Raele