5 Reasons to Love Yourself First this Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day.

Isn’t it kind of amazing how this man-made holiday sparks so many different emotions in people? Some love it and take it super seriously with their bae, some dread it so much that it’s just oozing out of them on the days leading up to and during 2/14. Either way, there’s a lot of energy floating in the air around this time of year.

So I thought it would be a good time to step back and encourage anyone reading this, whether single or taken, to take a minute and love yourself first. Not just today, but every day. This isn’t meant to be some cheesy proclamation, nor is it going to be a typical list of ways you can treat yourself around Valentine’s Day. I think every woman on this planet is well aware that a mani/pedi is a great method of pampering by now.

No…this isn’t meant to be any of that. But the Biebs did have a point when he told us all that we should love ourselves, and I feel like now is a perfect time to remind yourself of that, and be your own damn Valentine this year, even if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/hubby/wifey to share it with.

1.  You’re literally with YOU all the time. Even when you’re alone. When you wake up every morning and come to consciousness, your being and your thoughts are the first thing that come back to you. Imagine being with one friend all the time and secretly not enjoying their company? Ew. Be good with yourself in all the highs and lows and appreciate every aspect about yourself.


2.   Self-love attracts love. And positivity. And success. And health. Basically, self-love is kind of the root of all great things. Have you ever heard of a miserable person being blessed with great things over and over and being happy? Usually not. Self-love = positive attitude = magnet for positive things. It’s that simple. So, love thyself.


3.   There’s only ONE like you. Unless you’re a twin…but even then, you’re still independently unique. You’re on this planet, for what reason you don’t exactly know, looking like you do, talking like you do, thinking like you do, and no one else out there is quite like you. I mean, hello? I don’t understand how this simple fact alone doesn’t motivate each person to create something amazing in this world. No one else can bring exactly what you can to the table. So love yourself for that!


4.   Bc mistakes are kind of hot. They build character (hot) and take you to the next level so you can actually do it right the 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th) time around. So cut yourself some slack, the same way you do so easily for everyone else. Don’t beat yourself up about your mess ups, your feelings,  or  your wish to do something over again. As long as you’re not denying you messed up, or not like, actually hurting someone, just love yourself, learn from your experience, and move forward like a boss.


5.   You need to be your own biggest fan to survive in this world. Seriously though. There will be times that the only person you can depend on is yourself. The only person who will believe in you will be yourself. When the going gets tough, you’re going to need to count on yourself first. And if you’re not best friends with yourself, but always expecting the love & support to come from somewhere else first, thennn the peaks and valleys of life are going to take you to City of Struggle sooner rather than later. I experienced this firsthand late last year, when not one, but several shits hit the fan one after another. Gross leak in my apartment, the passings of people I cared for, job lay off, yea. If I didn’t turn to myself for support and strength first, I promise you I would’ve lost my damn mind. So, love yourself, and be your own BFF. You’re going to need it eventually.


There you have it, boujies, in case you needed any reminders. Feel free to treat yourself to a spa day, buy flowers for your girl, sexy cologne for your man, chocolates for your friends, and all that other good stuff. But make sure to love yourself too on this day of luvvv. It’s one of the best things you can do for your present and future self 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Xx – Raele