Making Goals and Sticking to Them: 5 Tips for 2017

It’s the same story every year. NYE approaches and you’re full of hope for what’s to come, full of goals and ambitions and resolutions. And somehow by the end of January, most of those goals are out the window.

Not sure about you, but if I’m not accomplishing something I set out to do, I start getting pretty frustrated and irritated with myself. You know those sappy sayings that always talk about how you’re in control of your life? That if you want a certain thing, you have to go after it and work towards it? Well, I’ve come to realize that all of that is actually totally true. Each of us are in control of the direction our lives take, what we do with our time, and who we become.

So I told myself that this year, I’d choose a few goals for 2017 and set some ground rules for how to keep them. These 5 tips are nothing we haven’t heard before, but they’re the ones that I think are the most useful and simple to follow. Here goes!

  1. Make a plan. – Such a cliché statement but it’s true. Write a few things down. Strategize. Jot a few bullet points. It gets your thoughts into order and keeps you organized.
  2. Prioritize. – We’re all busy and there’s a zillion things we can do each day. So consider what’s most important get them done first. Or take care of a few “top-priority” things, and mix a few “low-priority” things in between. Don’t overbook yourself with crap to do, either, or else you’ll eventually get exhausted and get none of it done.
  3. Share your ideas. – Not with everyone, obvs. Sharing with one or two people you trust is all it takes for the goals to become real, to be put out there into the world, and for you to be held accountable. When you’re slacking off, you’ll remember what you told those people, and hopefully that’s enough motivation to stick to your word.
  4. Make note of any small accomplishment. – If you lose 2 pounds after setting a goal to work out more, remember the date and that achievement. You don’t have to write it down, but do something that will help you remember it, so that you can always look back on it when you need an extra boost. A thousand small steps make up the big picture, and all those steps should be applauded too!
  5. Visualize the end result. – You chose your goals for a specific reason, dream, desire, whatever. When you’re feeling discouraged or lazy or uninspired, you need to remember exactly why you started and what you wanted. Having a visual image of what you want to accomplish is a surefire way of remembering the end result and working towards it. If you find an actual image or picture that symbolizes your goals, even better. Put up that image on your fridge, on your desk, as the wallpaper on your phone. The more you see it, the more you’ll believe it, and the more you’ll work towards it.

Going after things you want is usually not that easy. If it was, you probably wouldn’t really want them. But working hard on something and taking yourself to the next level is an amazing feeling, and with a new year upon us, there’s literally no better time to start than now. We all can accomplish a lot more than we may think if we set some goals and work towards them. Hope these 5 tips helped you as much as they are helping me!! Whenever you feel like you need a refresh, come back and re-read this article. I know I definitely will over the next 12 months. Happy New Year, boujies!!

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Xx – Rae