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5 Reasons To Check Out The VNYL

Disco balls, bead curtains, palm trees, and hot pink lighting. For anyone with a penchant for nostalgia, these things are sure to sound appealing. Throw in delicious cocktails, a cushy seating area, a huge projector screen, and a full menu, and even the contemporary folks are intrigued. Well that’s what The VNYL, or The Vintage New York Lifestyle, is to me – a new spot on 3rd Ave and 13th St. that oozes 1970s glamour while staying totally 21st century.

So let’s cut to the chase. What are my top 5 reasons why you should check this place out? Read below boujies…

  1. The hot pink lighting at the entrance draws you in like a bug to a porch light. The first half of the ground floor is an actual vintage record store and coffee shop, which makes everything on the inside even more unassuming. Yes, that hidden-bar concept is something we’ve all seen before in NYC, but it’s still kind of cool anyway.
  2. The jumbo projector screen in the Main Room (once you pass through the coffee shop) fills up the entire wall, and is set up for movie nights on Mondays and other big TV events. I’m not sure if it’s out every night, I honestly hope it’s not, but I walked in on the night of the 3rd Presidential debate last week, so I think that’s why it was set up and ready to go. Watching a throwback ’70s or ’80s movie in there would be amazing, but seriously don’t sit too close. You will damage your eyes, and that would be a shame.
  3. The music. Forget the fact that it’s curated by Adrian Grenier….yes Entourage’s Adrian Grenier. He’s cute and all but I honestly don’t care and I don’t think most people would either. But the music is fucking phenomenal. I happen to love music from the 70s, whether it’s disco or classic rock, and sipping a cocktail while “Staying Alive” suddenly starts playing is something that just doesn’t happen as often as it should these days. So when you find a spot where a moment like that is a reality, you don’t forget about it. The whole vibe takes you back to another time and place.
  4. Believe it or not, everything I just mentioned takes place on the ground floor of The VNYL. There’s 3 more floors of luxurious ’70s goodness for you to take in. The mezzanine overlooks the bar area and is a cozier place for a group or couple to gather to have dinner/hang out, and the top two floors are only open on the weekends for a late night scene. There’s a champagne room and an actual rope swing tucked away in one super hidden part of the top floor. AKA somewhere I want to party.
  5. I didn’t stay long so I didn’t try out a variety of cocktails and did not eat, but I will say the drink I did have, called Rosalie, was strong, different, delicious, anddd it was pink. I felt very matchy matchy with the couches and sofas. Even the glass they used was beautiful….it wasn’t your typical cocktail glass. It felt like something chic from my grandmother’s vintage dinnerware…the fancy kind they only take out when they have guests over. The food I saw going around looked great, and the environment in which to eat and drink was just laid-back and chill.
Boujie seating area on the mezzanine
Shiny disco balls in the champagne room

With all the running around we do in New York, The VNYL is a dark, sexy, unassuming labyrinth in which to escape from all the chaos outside and walk into a simpler time. You can grab a carefully-crafted cocktail, settle in for some dinner, and even catch a movie on certain nights. For someone like me who is super nostalgic all the time, this place is ideal, but it’s also perfect for anyone who wants to tune out the outside world for a bit and just enjoy some good food and drinks. At the very least, you can walk out with a cup of coffee and a record from the entrance shop. Win win in my opinion.

The “Rosalie” cocktail
Bead curtains plus coffee shop to boot. Yes.

Read more about The VNYL here and lmk about your experience if you decide to see it for yourself. Cheers babes! 

                                Xx -Rae

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