A Boujie LDW Playlist to Celebrate Summer

Anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with music and making mixes. Whether it’s a new playlist to reflect a mood or certain era in music, or a CD-mix for a friend to pop into their car stereo before a night out (who doesn’t miss those pre-Bluetooth days?), nothing brings me more joy than sorting, organizing, and putting together a music list for a certain occasion or moment of life.

So since this is the unofficial last weekend of Summer 2016, I thought it’s only fitting to put together a Labor Day Weekend playlist on Touch of Boujie of 30 or so songs that I consider to be summer classics, and will sound phenomenal in the background of whatever you’re doing this weekend. Obviously there’s so many more you can add to this list, but these are some of the ones I love that always remind me of summer when I listen to them, and want to share with you. The songs range from various genres and various decades, so there’s a little something that appeals to everyone.

P.S. – Make sure to do something super summery this weekend; go to a bbq, drink a mojito or something with an umbrella in it, wear white & other fun, bright colors, and just enjoy it! Unless you’re from California where it’s basically summer 24/7, this is kind of the last hurrah until MAY 2017 (fml), so make the most of it.


Boujie #LDW Playlist  (in no specific order)

  1. “Summer” – Calvin Harris (obviously)
  2. “Summer Breeze” – Seals & Croft (classic and mellow ’70s summer vibes)
  3. “Forever Loving Jah”– Bob Marley (basically all of Bob Marley’s hits are legit, but we’ll go with this one)
  4. “Steal My Sunshine” – Len (fun, happy, late ’90s bliss)
  5. “Sultans of Swing” – Dire Straits (another ’70s classic, perfect for that last summer road trip)
  6. “American Boy” – Estelle ft. Kanye West (easy breezy Yeezy, plus that beat is addictive)
  7. “Walking on a Dream” – Empire of the Sun (any song that has “we are always running for the thrill of it” as part of their main hook is a summer song, period.)
  8. “I Come from a Land Down Under” – Men at Work (an ’80s gem that just oozes summer)
  9. “Summertime”– Will Smith (duh)
  10. “Last Friday Night” – Katy Perry (she makes regretting bad decisions and getting arrested actually sound really pleasant with this fun beat)
  11. “I Got U” – Duke Dumont ft. Jax Jones (the use of calypso makes this a bonafide summer anthem)
  12. “I’m Real (Remix)” – Ja Rule & J. Lo (suchhh a summer anthem from this epic duo in the early 2000s! Plus J.Lo looked sexy af in that pink velour tracksuit)
  13. “Mr. Loverman” – Shabba Ranks (the reggae vibe is perfect for any summer playlist and the music video is epic)
  14. “Red Red Wine” – UB40 (another chill reggae beat that kind of makes you look forward to sipping Cab Sauvs and Malbecs in a few weeks)
  15. “Summer Girls” – LFO (“I like girls that wear Abercrombie & Fitch!” this summer one-hit-wonder will never get old)
  16. “Party” – Beyoncé ft. J. Cole (the fun vibe and adorable video for this one make it a perfect summer jam)
  17. “Do it Again” – Steely Dan (simple, ’70s, classic. I don’t think anyone can dislike this song)
  18. “Summertime (Doin’ Time)” – Sublime (this is literally sublime…even though it talks about a girlfriend who’s a cheater, yikes. The rhythm and flow make it appealing anyway)
  19. “La Isla Bonita” – Madonna (“I prayed that the days would last, they went so fast…” with lyrics like that, no other explanation is necessary for this classic)
  20. “Hot Summer Night” – David Tavare (total Europop summer goodness)
  21. “Girl’s Best Friend” – Jay Z (the playful beat and fairly harmless? lyrics make this a good pick, whether you’re a Jay fan or not)
  22. “Coffee & TV” – Blur (if it’s good enough for the Cruel Intentions scene where Selma Blair & Sarah Michelle Gellar kiss at the park, it’s good enough for this playlist)
  23. “Smooth” – Santana ft. Rob Thomas (from Santana’s guitar to the lyrics, this just sounds like something you’d hear at a beach party or bbq)
  24. “Rock the Casbah” – The Clash (really a classic for any party, but it just sounds so much better in the summer, doesn’t it?)
  25. “Lambada” – Kaoma (anyone with immigrant parents knows what a hit this was 20+ years ago and how much fun it still is to listen to today)
  26. “Rock the Boat” – Aaliyah (the last single to be released by the legend while she was alive is sensual, smooth, and mellow. Plus the music video of her on a yacht in the Bahamas is beautifully-shot #rip)
  27. “Controlla”- Drake (this is a new one, but that dancehall vibe and Drake’s serenade-style lyrics make this an instant summer classic for me. I also love Drake, so yea.)
  28. “Happy” – Ashanti (her 2nd single that was released just in time for Summer 2002, with a super-fun beat and a super-sweet Ashanti singing away about how in love she was. Yes and yes.)
  29. “Agua Dulce Agua Sala” – Julio Iglesias (Enrique’s dad was quite the heartthrob back in the day for those who don’t know, and this song has such an insatiable island feel, it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand what he’s saying)
  30. “Summertime Sadness” Remix – Lana del Rey vs. Cedric Gervais (ok so maybe this one is meant to be last…a summer hit from the most melanchony voice out there right now, saying, “kiss me hard before you go…”. I mean, obvi. This is a requirement for any summer playlist)

Hope you like my list and have a fabulously boujie (and safe!) Labor Day Weekend!

Xx -Rae