Why This Highlighter Kit is Actually Worth it

Now more than ever, the Internet is flooded with people and brands subliminally telling you what to buy, wear, eat, and so much more. It’s not just celebrities selling you stuff anymore; now we have the influence of gorgeous fashion/beauty bloggers or super fit fitness dudes, who have made their lives and passions into walking advertisements, and make you feel like you need to spend money on the products they have/use in order to look or feel a certain way. Don’t get me wrong…it’s genius, and there are many influencers whose tips and product recommendations are actually very useful, so I don’t mean to knock anyone or sound bitter. But it’s also gotten pretty overwhelming…am I right?

So since this is my first time talking about an actual product on Touch of Boujie, I’d like to put a disclaimer out there that when I’m promoting something, I’m doing so because I genuinely love it and its benefits, and want to share that with my readers. I’m not getting paid to try it out or sell it. Anddddd if the lucky day comes that I actually do get paid to promote something, I would: (A) be upfront about the fact I’m collaborating with the brand, and (B) make sure it’s something that I would probably try out on my own anyway, aka is in line with my interests, tastes, and style. In a world where so much has become an illusion, I’d rather stay as real as possible when it comes to things like this.

Okay so without further ado! About a month ago I was browsing around Sephora (a beauty lover’s Mecca), not quite sure what I was looking for, but definitely looking for something…new. I wanted something new to try out and add to my makeup routine, and was eager to find it. I knew all about the glory of highlighters already, and had tried the MicroSmooth Baked Luminizer in “Light Beam” by Sephora Collection, which didn’t do a thing. I’m also fairly familiar with the amazing line of products by Anastasia Beverly Hills, and the inspiring story of eyebrow queen and name behind the brand, Anastasia Soare. So when I spotted a stack of Glow Kits within the ABH section, I was instantly intrigued and kind of surprised I hadn’t heard about it before. A kit that helps you glow? Hi, I’m Raele, nice to meet you.


There were two kits available, That Glow and Sun Dipped, both at $40.00 a piece. I was drawn towards Sun Dipped right away; I loved the name, the idea of anything that would make me look more bronzed, and I also thought that the color palette was a little more versatile, therefore more worth the money. But that’s just me.

I paid for the kit (along with other things as usual, fml) and excitedly brought it home, curious to try it out. The shades are as follows: Summer, Moonstone, Tourmaline, and Bronzed. You’ll see by the image below the colors and textures of each lovely shade.

Photo Aug 26, 10 32 50 AM (1)
My first forearm makeup swatch. This is a big deal.

Photo Aug 25, 2 50 09 PM

It took some time to get used to the application… obviously no one wants a shiny streak across their cheekbone. At first I thought I would need a new brush, but then I began to use an angled brush that I also use to apply my blush, and it was totally fine. I think as long as you use a brush with a semi-long to a long handle, for a swift and lightweight application, you’re good. I also assumed I would only stick to one color, but then I realized that is so not the case. Each shade is so versatile and usable for different parts of the body and face, which I’ll get into next.

After some practice and trial & error, here is the combination I personally like best for highlighting my face and décolletage (the French and more boujie word for neckline, in case you didn’t already know!):

  • I love combining Tourmaline and Moonstone and applying it around my temples, outer brow area, and cheekbones. It suits my skin tone best and blends well with the bronzer and blush that I use
  • I use Summer right in the center of my forehead, down the bridge of my nose, my cupid’s bow (upper lip) and on my chin. Essentially, all the places where light would hit your face first. Summer is the lightest shade in this palette and looks the most translucent on my skin, so I think applying it to the very center parts of the face looks like it’s natural sunlight making your face glow.
  • Since I do use a separate bronzer ( ‘Sun Bunny’ by Too Faced….it’s amazing) for my face, I save the Bronzed shade in this palette for the tops of my shoulders, chest, and neckline…my décolletage! It provides such a nice, smooth shimmer that’s perfect for day or night and really completes the look of my makeup. It makes my summer tan pop a little more too…can you say perfect? If you don’t have a go-to bronzer you use daily, I would definitely recommend using this shade on your face too. Why not? Just be careful when applying it, because there is a lot of shimmer, way more than found in your typical bronzer.
Photo Aug 01, 9 25 56 AM
One of my first pics after using the kit! Got a nice glisten while still looking natural and not overdone 😉

Basically, I’ve found that the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit really pulls your entire beauty look together, whether for day or for night, and makes you look fresh and radiant. I’ve noticed in several pictures I’ve taken since using the product that my face looks like it has an airbrush finish, and that’s what makes me want to share this product with you all. What girl doesn’t like a touch of J.LO-esque glow?? No girl that I know.

Even if you keep your makeup routine super natural and no fuss, this shouldn’t be a product that anyone gets intimidated by. I don’t think there’s a strict method or technique you must follow to apply it. Think of it as lightly dusting some fairy powder around your face to seal in your look and glow all day!  All ladies should give it a try and see how it can work for you. Sephora’s return policy is amazing and they rarely give you a hard time if you have your receipt, so honestly, what do you have to lose? Let me know what you think if you do try it, boujie babes!

Xx – Rae