Why Crop Tops are a “DO” for the Office during Summer Months

Some may think it’s super taboo to wear a crop top to work, but I’m here to say that when styled appropriately, it’s a totally doable look during hot summer months, and you can still look professional.

First things first, you should obviously take into consideration your overall office setting and dress code policies before trying this out. If you work at a law firm or for a financial organization, I would steer clear of this idea, simply because workplaces like that are the most conservative when it comes to creativity with fashion. It’s just a no-no in places like that, so it’s better not to risk it. Sorry to all the boss chicks in those fields…you can rock your crop tops on the weekends!

With that said, if you work in a bit more of a casual or creative environment, such as an advertising agency, art studio/gallery, or happen to have a boss who is fairly lenient with dress codes, I don’t see a reason why you can’t pull off a little crop top action during your 9-to-5. Here are my Do’s and Dont’s for pulling off this summer look:

  • DO make sure that the bottoms you wear are high-waisted enough to leave only a slight exposure of your belly. Let’s be real, no work place is going to be cool with your entire stomach and belly-button showing à la Britney circa “I’m a Slave 4 U”. I don’t care how rock hard your abs are – keep the skin baring to 2 inches max.
  • DO keep your bottoms a little loose fitting and more dressy. For example, a flowy long skirt offsets the tight look of a crop top and the end result instantly becomes more elegant and formal. You can do the same with pants or trousers….if the top is tight and cropped, balance the bottom with something that doesn’t cling to your body, and it’ll look like you’re actually going to the office, not to 1Oak. Yay!
  • DO feel free to pair a long blazer or sweater for some extra coverage, even if it’s sleeveless. I don’t think this is necessary when you’re following Tip #2, but if you must pair your crop top with skinny jeans (save this for casual Friday), a nice long cardigan or crisp blazer will look more chic, and pull your entire look together.
  • DON’T try this look when you have an important client meeting, sales presentation, yearly review, or any other significant event at work. Just don’t do it. In those instances, you’ll always want to look as professional as you can. And this goes without saying, never ever wear a crop top to an interview, unless you’re applying for a position working on the beach.
  • DON’T worry about what others think of your bold look. As long as you know what your boss is okay with, and you are still dressed like you’re going to work, don’t sweat others’ opinions. It’s 2016 and it’s freakin’ hot out. Pant suits and collared shirts do not need to be a girl’s only office-worthy outfit options.

Hope you like my tips, and if you choose to try this out, let me know how it goes and what you think!

Xx -Rae

Photo Aug 02, 3 30 34 PM
Me in my crop top today at Gaby Brasserie Française at the Sofitel NYC in Midtown! My stomach is a little more exposed here because of my pose, but normally this top and those pants meet a little closer together.
Photo Aug 02, 11 45 15 AM
Voila! Loose fitted pants (mine are H&M) make the crop top look a little less clubbish and a little more corporate. Just a little 😉 Don’t mind my super serious face btw…I was in the selfie zone.